Once the second half started, we played as poorly as I’ve seen for a long time. We looke lethargic and just wasn’t us at all. In most of our recent games it’s taken us a while to get going and then we’ve come on strong.

Irlam are a good footballing side with some good young players, so we did well at the end of the day to win the game. Their wingers were very quick, so we had to be on the defensive to counteract their movements. Due to this there was little action of note in the first half apart from the two goals.

James Whittingham, who came in for the injured Ben Proctor was fantastic. His foot movements, distribution, and agility were excellent. I was really impressed. Next year could be a big year for him and we want him to push Ben as much as he can, because we want competition throughout the team.

We scored both second half goals almost immediately after they made substitutions. I don’t know if it was coincidence or not but we changed our formation with our subs to go wide and Liam Cole can stretch defences by being on their shoulder and not giving them a minute’s peace.

In the latter part of the second half we started to look more like the Darwen I see when we are on form. We picked up the pace, started to look energetic with quality in the final third, and pressing from the front and that saw out the game for us.